As luxury interior design experts, we understand the aesthetic impact that lighting can have on a space.

      With the right luxury lighting feature, you can curate an effortlessly elegant space - and at YDA, you’ll have lighting options galore.

      With exterior and interior designer lighting available, you can choose from a stunning selection of designs, colours and finishes to help you illuminate your space in style.

      From ultra-modern luxury spot lighting for kitchens to statement pendant pieces with an industrial look for dining areas, our luxury lighting caters to homeowners with discerning tastes and complements various design schemes.

      Discover all of our designer lighting options and the benefits they can bring to your interior design project here.

      Why our customers love YDA designer lighting

      At YDA, we take pride in delivering luxury lighting solutions that not only look beautiful but also deliver longevity, quality and style.

      Carefully selected by our team of interior design experts, our designer lighting collection is a winning combination of:

      • Premium quality: all of our luxury designer lighting has been made using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship to capture all the hallmarks of luxury you’d expect from designer lighting
      • Durability: this level of quality and craftsmanship also ensures our luxury lighting is designed with longevity and durability in mind
      • Versatility: available in a stunning spectrum of styles, finishes and colours, finding the right piece to achieve your dream aesthetic couldn’t be easier

      Designer lighting brands

      Used by architects, interior designers & professional specifiers for luxury homes, we stock some of the best manufacturers for designer lighting.

      • Buster + Punch: London-born, Buster & Punch specialise in manufacturing industrial lighting and home accessories to bring a unique style to any space
      • Orluna Lighting: with a mission to offer the very best lighting effects, these British manufacturers are favourites of architects and professional interior designers
      • Tekna: with their stunning Nautic, Arton, Flatspot & Giobagnara ranges, Tekna are go-to options for those seeking authentic, purist lighting designs

      Designer lighting styles

      Within our designer lighting range, we offer lighting options galore to help you find the perfect piece for your interior design projects. This includes a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor designer lights, making sure you can illuminate any space you choose.

      Here’s a closer look at the options available:

      • Ceiling lights: discover a diverse array of ceiling light designs that are typically surface mounted and fit flush to the ceiling, making them an ideal option for spaces with low ceilings. Options range from contemporary designer lighting including trim and trimless downlighters, directional spotlights and boxed designs to more traditional dome and vintage designs
      • Chandeliers: give your home a sense of ultimate grandeur with a statement chandelier that’s guaranteed to catch the eyes of guests and create a beautiful illumination
      • Floor lamps: use stylish floor lamps to create just the right level of lighting, with tall floor lamps for task lighting or a low-lying design for effective mood lighting
      • Pendant lights: luxury pendant lighting can transform any room into a sleek and stylish space. Bathing large areas in light, our selection of designer pendant lights includes classic and contemporary styles alike
      • Table lamps: from dainty lanterns to enchanting Arcahorn designs, our table lamps deliver low, subtle lighting perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and more
      • Wall lights: choose from a variety of elegant wall mounted lights for use inside or outside - perfect for emphasising focal points such as artwork, seating areas and walkways

      Luxury lighting colours and finishes

      Colour plays a crucial role in any interior design project - setting the mood for the space and adding visual texture to a room. In our extensive luxury lighting collection, you’ll find a broad spectrum of colour options, helping you to find the ideal match whatever your design vision.

      Some of our most popular luxury lighting colours and finishes include:

      • Acid green
      • Brushed chrome plated brass
      • Brushed nickel plated brass
      • Dark bronze
      • Polished brass
      • Polished chrome plated brass
      • Polished nickel plated brass
      • Rough dark bronze
      • Lacquered jet black
      • Lacquered bottle green
      • Lacquered Chinese turquoise
      • Lacquered French grey
      • Lacquered Kenia red
      • Lacquered maize
      • Lacquered orange rust
      • Lacquered royal blue
      • Burnished brass
      • Gunmetal steel
      • Black marble
      • White marble
      • Corten and gold
      • Weathered Brass
      • Dark Bronze
      • Clear Glass
      • Copper
      • Frosted Glass
      • Fluted Glass
      • Gauze
      • Leather
      • Mesh
      • Opal Glass

      Designer lighting for every room

      Luxury interior design is all in the details, and lighting can offer that decadent finishing touch to make a room shine, highlighting the many beautiful features of the space.

      Within our lighting collection, you’ll find exterior and interior design lighting solutions, helping you to beautifully illuminate every area of your home.

      To focus your interior design inspiration, here are just some of the areas of the home where you can install luxury lighting to create that designer finish:

      The bedroom: curate the perfect sleep space with a combination of striking ceiling lights for brighter illumination and bedside table lamps to achieve subtle mood lighting and aid relaxation at home.

      The kitchen: make task lighting a priority in bustling kitchens without sacrificing style with any one of our gorgeous contemporary designer spot lighting designs.

      The dining room: statement lighting above the dining table is guaranteed to be a hot topic of conversation at your next dinner party. All you need to do is decide which style to go for: chandelier or pendant lighting? Alternatively, you may want to introduce a few wall lights or floor lamps to help you set the mood.

      The hallway: hallways big and small can be transformed into opulent gateways to the home with stunning luxury lighting. For narrow hallways, wall lights can be a charming addition, while grander entrances deserve something equally grand such as a large pendant light fitting.

      The garden: outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be merely practical - it can also be stunning, with many of our designer lighting options being suitable for outdoor use to keep paths, porches, patios and driveways well-lit.

      Buying luxury designer lighting online

      When you buy luxury lighting online with YDA, you can enjoy peace of mind that our products will deliver effortless style and quality in one fell swoop.

      Whether you’re renovating one room or an entire property, our extensive range of luxury designer lighting includes options to complement a broad variety of design themes.

      With a quick and secure online checkout and worldwide shipping, buying luxury lighting is easy with YDA.

      Shop our entire luxury lighting collection online today. Need a little help finding the perfect lighting for your project? Our team of luxury interior design experts will be happy to discuss your unique requirements in more detail.

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