Alice Ceramica is based in Civita Castellana, 50 km northeast of Rome, Italy. Since 1998 they have been perfecting their production of Italian washbasins, WCs, bidets, bathtubs and shower trays, all rigorously made in-house in their factory located among the gorgeous Tuscia hills.
      While they may be a young company, they pride themselves for being creative and ambitious to challenge the traditional dogmas of the sanitary-ware industry. Captivating and never seen before lines, high attention to customer experience and a modern mindset have quickly earned them the reputation of a new key player in a town that is home to some of the leading brands of sanitary-ware in the world.
      They proudly produce themselves 100% of their production. Their management has years of experience in the largest firms in sanitary-ware, and decided to undertake the challenge of revolutionizing once again the industry by introducing lines like NUR or SPY, their most exclusive, patented creations. 
      It is no surprise that the heritage of the region and the long standing traditions in ceramic-working heavily shaped Alice’s ability to exceed any expectations in terms of design and reliability. Quality, innovation and a hint of pride makes their creations unique.
      Come meet the new Alice.